Getting started in NYC tech: Events

I have gotten the same question twice in the last two days, essentially, “What events should I go to in order to meet people and get more involved in the startup ecosystem?” Notably, both questions were from people already working in startups, emphasis on working — both have been heads down and focused on their jobs and companies, and for different reasons are eager to get more exposure to the broader community.

At this point, there are many high quality events going on every night. It can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start. Here’s my attempt at a primer to answer this one question. Clearly the best way to focus and target the right events for you depends on your goals — meet a cofounder? Meet potential customers? Connect with people in your sector? So this won’t tackle every goal. I’m going for a general overview of select number of events that are well done and attract a great group of people.

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