Jamie Hodari ’04CC brings co-working space Industrious to Brooklyn

Would you eat a fish caught in Prospect Park? Neither would Jamie Hodari. But that doesn’t stop Mr. Hodari, 34, whose business is creating shared office spaces, from getting out there with bait and rod and letting the prospect of catching a largemouth bass transport him to another place. Mr. Hodari is a founding partner of Industrious, which has been constructing its first outpost in New York. “It’s a little ironic,” he said in late October, “because my work is devoted to saying that working at home inhibits your creativity and makes it harder to be productive. But our first New York location doesn’t open for three weeks, so I do work from home relatively frequently.” Home is an apartment in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, where Mr. Hodari lives alone.

NIGHT OWL I’m a night owl, so I don’t usually wake up until 9:30 or 10. That’s true for me for the workweek, too, because I usually work from 11:30 until 2 in the morning. That’s when I get my best work done.

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