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Ken Kruger SEAS ’12 and Houtan Fanisalek SEAS ’12 founded SensorKit after noticing a underutilization of the sensors found in consumer electronics. Before founding SensorKit, Ken and Houtan worked at Lockheed Martin while earning their Master’s degrees from Columbia. With a combined 12 years of experience in sensor systems, they journeyed to unlock the true potential of the wearable tech market.

SensorKit is a software platform that enables developers to detect user movements and activities via an API. Currently, wearable devices can count steps, track sleep and determine the length of a run. However, these devices really have primitive capabilities. SensorKit is taking activity detection to a more granular level so devices can detect specific movements, like a bench press or pushup, and count sets, reps, and resting times along with a variety of other metrics.

Ken and Houtan are currently expanding and refining the capabilities of their technology at the Columbia Startup Lab. The Lab has provided them with a professional workspace and entrepreneurial environment where they have attended lectures and talks.

Visit SensorKit’s website for more information.

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