The Real Deal – Zach Aarons ’13BUS Funds Startup Aimed at Reducing Buildings’ Energy Costs

Zach Aarons, co-founder of investment firm MetaProp NYC, is betting big on Prescriptive Data LLC.

Prescriptive Data is an innovative new startup aiming to equip buildings with “an operating system that can monitor the weather, electricity use, [and] elevator use,” and is expected to save property managers roughly 50 cents per square foot in energy costs. Aarons describes the problem that Prescriptive Data hopes to address: “A lot of platforms were collecting data and weren’t showing you how to deal with it. So then software companies popped up to help you analyze what’s coming out of your buildings.” While the startup faces competition in the realm of smart building technology, it is unique in its approach to energy-saving tech.The Rudin family is betting on its success, and has already invested $5 million in this venture.

Read more about Zach Aarons and Prescriptive Data here.

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