How Drew Silverstein ’16BUS Plans to Revolutionize the Music Industry

Amper Music is a new start-up that, like Google, is interested in harnessing the latest software to create music. Amper uses artificial intelligence to create original songs that match the emotions a video producer wants to convey in their work. Creating the music takes only seconds.

“If you take the sum of everything that has affected music historically and add them together, in 20 or 30 years I think you’d look back and say wow, music AI rivals all of that,” said its co-founder, Drew Silverstein, ’16BUS.

For now, the potential of music made with artificial intelligence is still largely unrealized. Silverstein is only beginning to tap the entertainment market in Los Angeles. The song Google’s Magenta project released this week demonstrates what it’s currently capable of, but also how much work lies ahead. REST OF THE STORY

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