Radiator Labs and Marshall Cox ’13SEAS Slash One-Fifth Off Two Old Buildings’ Heating Costs

‘This is a transformation from a paradigm where people had no control, and now they have control’

August 4, 2016

The heat of summer can get brutal inside my Crown Heights apartment, but winter is the real scorcher. When there’s snow on the ground, the building-wide steam heat cooks the insides of my first floor digs. This is not unusual for city dwellers in old buildings.

One Brooklyn-based company claims it has a solution for both the discomfort shared by so many apartment-dwellers and the money pouring out landlords’ windows as people like me leave them open when the weather gets cold. That said, we hear from tech companies that claim to be able to deliver dramatic results every day. Results in productivity. Results for teams. Results for your love life. Radiator Labs has brought a new wrinkle to its promises: third party verification.

photo: courtesy Radiator Labs

The results are in and the company’s claims look good.

The hardware startup has built a system called Cozy (not to be confused with Comfy, the A/C demand control system from Building Robotics) which encloses steam radiators in what amount to insulated boxes, then parcels heat out using small fans when the temperature in the room calls for it.

“We know way more about what the building needs than any boiler controller there’s ever been,” Marshall Cox, the CEO and founder told the Observer in a phone call. Rest of Story.

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