Susannah Vila ’15BUS wants to help sublet your apartment — legally.

Avery Hartmans  Sep. 3, 2016

After living in 15 sublets around the world in the span of decade, Susannah Vila decided to sign a year-long lease with her boyfriend. She was attending Columbia Business School and was ready to stay in one place for a while and settle down.

Unfortunately, the lease lasted longer than the relationship did.

Vila was in a tough spot: she couldn’t afford to live in the apartment alone and she also wanted to live closer to school. So she began looking into her options.

From left: Flip CTO Roger Graham, COO Elias Wehbe, and CEO Susannah Vila.

While Vila could sublet her space, she had to find a qualified replacement to take over the lease — something which proved to be more work than she was anticipating.

“I worked my network and it was basically like having a second job on top of being in school,” Vila told Business Insider. “I came out of it and I said, ‘There must be a better way.'” [Rest of Story]

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