It’s Time To Talk About Hair, Down There–with Laura Schubert ’11BUS, Lillian Tung ’11BUS

Today’s beauty discussion point? It’s time to talk about hair. But not the hair on your head – your hair down there.

Launched a year ago in the US, a new brand dedicated to products that care for pubic hair and pubic skin has just arrived in the UK. Fur was launched by a special effects make-up artist, a former management consultant and a former beauty marketing specialist, all of whom felt that there was a gap in the market for personal care products with a difference. “If you treated hair on your head the way you treat your pubic hair, you would hate your head hair too. Give your pubes a chance,” proclaims the press release.

And they’re right. When you consider what’s currently on the market, it’s an array of pink, glittery products, garish packaging and lotions and potions targeted solely at hair removal, not care.

“We felt the market needed an update in line with the modern approach to beauty. Now it’s more about what you feel like, rather than a beauty standard. You want to have no hair? Great. You want to have a full bush? That’s great too,” co-founder Laura tells us. “And it’s about creating sophisticated products. Whatever you want to do with your pubic hair, you should be able to care for yourself.”

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