Martin Varsavsky ’84SIPA, ‘85BUS Announces the End of the Biological Clock

October 20, 2016

Forbes released today the November 8, 2016 issue of Forbes magazine, featuring serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky on the cover. In the cover story, End of the Biological Clock (p. 84), Forbes provides an exclusive first look inside Prelude Fertility, the $200 million startup that wants to stop the biological clock and has a bold plan to shake things up within the infertility industry. One of Europe’s top entrepreneurs, Martin Varsavsky is investing in the trend of egg freezing among younger women and taking it national, trying to create the first national fertility brand. Prelude plans to take the technology of infertility–in vitro fertilization and egg freezing–and aggressively expand it into fertility, hoping to usher in a world where women’s decisions about family and career aren’t ruled by their biological clocks. [Rest of Story]

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