Jesse Blankenship ’10GSAPP , CEO and founder of Frustum, Announced The “The Generate Quadcopter Challenge”

BOULDER, CO — (Marketwired) — 12/06/16 — Frustum, a pioneer in generative design and topology optimization software, today announced the “The Generate Quadcopter Challenge: A GrabCAD Challenge for Topology Optimization,” via the GrabCAD Community platform. The challenge invites participants to use Frustum’s cloud-based generative design software, Generate, to optimize the design of a lightweight, 3D-printed quadcopter with topology optimization.

Using Generate and traditional CAD modeling software, designers are asked to create an optimized quadcopter airframe design using constraint-driven design methodology. Judging criteria will include mass reduction from meta design space, payload delivery, takeoff, flight for 50 meters and soft landing, flight time, ingenuity of design space(s), design aesthetics, and ingenuity of load case(s).

“The rise of additive manufacturing has opened the door for design freedom and performance not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques,” said Jesse Blankenship, CEO and founder of Frustum. “We are excited to work with the GrabCAD Community and its brilliant engineers to see how Generate can be used to create a lightweight monolithic quadcopter airframe. We look forward to evaluating a variety of innovative designs.”

Design submissions will be evaluated by a panel of Frustum employees, including Blankenship; Robert Wilson, president of Aerospace Advisory Group and former president and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace; and a member of the GrabCAD software organization. Award winners will receive cash prizes of $2,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $500 for third place. Each winner will also receive a subscription to the Generate software application.

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