How Bea Arthur ’08TC Said Goodbye To Her Startup ‘Goonies’ And Got On With Business

This is “What I Wish I Knew Last Week.” In today’s fast, fluid world, we learn in real time. There are some new realities that render what we learned 20 years ago, even two years ago, old news. These are those stories – those flashes of insight or “aha” moments that have lasting effects on our lives.

I spoke to entrepreneur Bea Arthur a week after she sold the URL to her first startup venture, In Your Corner, which shut down last year. As a licensed therapist, the first African American women to go through Silicon Valley’s acclaimed incubator Y Combinator and the founder of the first online therapy business, she has learned a lot about business, relationships and going after your dreams. But nothing prepared her for saying goodbye to an internet protocol—the URL of her company. Here, Bea, in her own words, shares what she “learned last week” about letting go and moving forward:

“Sometimes you have to let go before you’re ready.”

As a therapist, I often give this advice to my clients when explaining how important it is to acknowledge when a relationship no longer serves you. However, when it came to my own startup business I didn’t listen to my own advice. I went full ‘Goonies’ “never say die.”

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