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Articles of Style, co-founded by Dan Trepanier ’09CC and Will Howe ’10CC, is out to re-invent the American tailor shop by bringing the traditional bespoke tailoring experience online. The team spent a year in LA developing a unique fitting process and business model, launched an e-commerce store late 2015, and returned to NY with the opening of a new guideshop in SoHo last summer.

Articles of Style offers direct to consumer luxury suiting, shirting, and outerwear that is all custom-made in America. Clients can choose from a wide array of fabric swatches and design their own garments from scratch, or customize “collection” pieces that were already sampled and photographed on the website. You can read more about the Articles of Style process here. In addition to selling products, Articles of Style has a highly-regarded editorial arm that serves to educate and inspire clients and readers alike.

Now the team is deep in the throes of startup life as they continue differentiate Articles of Style from other online custom clothiers by bringing artistry, craftsmanship, and service to the online menswear space. This scrappy #CUStartup is a young, emerging business that is delivering a product and service that has clients raving. Visit their online shop or swing by the showroom (166 Mercer St, NYC) and dress up your act!

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