Sarah Ribner ’17BUS: Clean Beauty Entrepreneur

Interview by Lauren Ash

Some of you know that I was majorly inspired by my recent participation in W.E.L.L. Summit! While there, I was exposed to conversations about clean beauty—this seemingly radical idea that what we put on our bodies shouldn’t be toxic or harmful to ourselves or the environment. I was blessed to meet Sarah Ribner on day one of this wellness-focused weekend. You may have already known her from Shark Tank! Her passion for clean beauty is seen in the amazing brand she co-founded, Piper Wai! Learn more about this yoga-loving beauty entrepreneur in our interview below!

Who is Sarah Ribner?

As an entrepreneur (and certified workaholic), my identity is often tied to my work. I’m an entrepreneur, who co-founded PiperWai Natural Deodorant, and I’m the girl that just can’t switch off work mode! But aside from building a natural deodorant empire, I’m a daughter, friend, avid traveler, graduate school student, handcrafter of fashion accessories and personal care products, Shark Tank alum, and a pet parent to an adorable Toy Australian Shepherd puppy.

I can definitely relate with the challenges of entrepreneurship that can lead to being a workaholic. Have you found some work/life balance practices that work for you?

My goal, like any entrepreneur, is to be as productive as possible without burning out. Saturday is the one day per week I try not to even look at my work email, and I schedule all the rejuvenating gym sessions, at-home spa treatments, and anything else pampering I can possibly fit into one day. I also learned to love my to-do list. Lists can seem daunting when they feel infinitely long, so I like to categorize mine by high, medium and low priority with a suggested deadline that seems reasonable.

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