PhD to Product: deCervo’s Neuro Approach to Hitting Getting Ready to Pay Dividends for Founder Jordan Muraskin ’15SEAS

Co-founders Jordan Muraskin and Jason Sherwin’s business venture is a well documented brainchild — a neuroscientific blueprint to the cognition of hitting a baseball. Now the duo’s niche platform with a PhD premise is growing up, but not quite dumbing down.

deCervo is becoming a product.

According to Muraskin, deCervo hails from Columbia University and was born out of his own PhD. Muraskin’s look into the brain function of individuals who had achieved mastery in their field grew into a platform that uses EEG technology to measure the reaction and recognition skills of hitters.

Early on, the path to profit was obscure. With an immense learning curve, and a visual component akin to the earliest versions of Pong, the platform certainly lacked moxie. Not to mention the hardware — a sort of EEG hair net — was a literal mess of wires.

But science reigns supreme, and deCervo certainly had a rock solid foundation in physics from which to build its platform.

“We had very rudimentary graphics, I mean worse than your earliest Nintendo set,” Sherwin said. “But what we were measuring was the neural response to those stimuli that are like what a player sees at the plate, and those we had simulated absolutely correctly. The laws of physics are the laws of physics.”

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