Business School Alum Alexis Beechen’s Canned Rose, The Drop, Is One of the Best on the Market

The most popular summer drink of 2017 is just what we’ve been missing. Folks, we’re talking about rosé in a can.

Think about it: what do you want to find in a cooler next time you’re at a barbecue, picnic or beach outing? Canned rosé, obviously. A hoppy IPA is never a bad option, but it can never refresh like a sweet, crisp rosé can.

Canned wine was took off over a decade ago, but it didn’t really gain popularity in the U.S. until the 2010s. It makes sense that it’s taken time to grow in popularity ― canned wine is a challenging concept for wine snobs to get behind because it totally bucks tradition in a world where tradition is everything.

But with millennials drinking around 40 percent of the wine consumed in the U.S., that image is changing.

“Wine is less formal now, more casual, more regular, and people wanted to take it with them,” Brett Vankoski, wine director of Lila, told HuffPost. And when you can drink it right from a can, that means you don’t have to bother with glasses or corkscrews.

We set out to taste the best canned rosés on the market, to guide you on your canned wine journey. We found some truly beautiful cans ― though we know that won’t always translate to great wine ― and lots of good options. Here are the best canned rosés, in order from “could totally drink all day” to “beloved.”

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