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Mohsin Memon ’14BUS, Dilip Rao ’18BUS, and Sharebite Are Keeping Kids Fed in NYC, One Takeout Order at a Time

Whether it’s due to small kitchens or hectic schedules, the typical New Yorker consumes a considerable amount of takeout food. Mohsin Memon ’14BUS, Dilip Rao ’18BUS, and Ahsen Saber have ordered their fair share of delivery over the years and have turned it into a career with Sharebite. Sharebite, a Startup Lab alum and also now one of this year’s Columbia Business School Eugene M. Lang fund recipients, is growing at a fast pace.

The company, which started in June 2015, is a socially-conscious food ordering marketplace that gives back to the community with each order. With Sharebite, users can order from over 2,200+ restaurants in New York City, while supporting a cause they are truly passionate about.

Here’s how it works:

  • Using Sharebite’s website or app, customers place their pickup, delivery or catering order from the restaurant of their choice.
  • At no additional cost to the user, Sharebite will either donate 2% of each order to a charitable cause of the user’s choosing, or donate to City Harvest (a non-profit organization committed to eliminating hunger in New York City), which helps donate a meal to someone facing hunger.

According to stats from City Harvest, nearly 1 in 4 children in New York City experience hunger each year. But Sharebite is already making a difference. The app’s website ticker shows that the company has already contributed more than 117,000 meals to City Harvest, and New Yorkers have contributed thousands of dollars to other charitable organizations via the app.

In addition to its social mission, a big part of Sharebite’s appeal is its visual design. Users can browse photos of actual food from restaurants nearby, or the app will offer images of different types of dishes, then, once the user has selected a type of food, it finds nearby options with similar offerings. Sharebite also encourages its users to post an image of their favorite dish for a discount on their next order.

If you already order your food on an app or a website, placing that order on Sharebite will not only cost the same, but it will also go towards a good cause.

To learn more about Sharebite and their mission to #takeouthunger, visit or follow them on social media: Twitter Instagram, and  Facebook. Their mobile app can also be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

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