Jenny Fielding ’94BC on IoT future impact on real estate

For this week’s blog we caught up with Jenny Fielding, Managing Director of top start-up accelerator Techstars, long-time early stage company investor, and leader in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry. Jenny was an early backer of StackSource through Techstars, along with nearly 20 other early fintech investments. Prior to becoming an investor, Jenny was a successful founder and CEO.

You’ve written wide-read blogs and articles about the new face of retail, the future of housing, and the evolution of construction. Where do you think the IoT will have the biggest impact on the real estate industry?

We are starting to see signs of IoT’s impact on several areas of the real estate industry and we’ve only just scratched the surface. Take building maintenance, for example, an area that is currently benefiting from IoT infrastructure. Simply installing a few sensors provides the necessary data and analytics to help improve everything from elevator, HVAC, and security system reliability. This type of automation can have a huge impact on efficiency and maintenance costs.

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