Supercharging Small Business: 5 Questions With Fundera’s Jared Hecht ’09CC

Opening a small business is hard, and the fact that four out of five business owners are denied bank loans and have to use pricier for-profit lenders instead makes it even harder. Fundera is a startup that’s trying to make all this easier. Connecting small business owners to the lenders that are right for them, as well as guiding them and educating them throughout this process, the New York-based startup is tipping the scales in business owners’ favor, getting lenders to compete for their business for the best rates.

We sat down with Jared Hecht, Founder and CEO at Fundera, to learn about how Fundera got its start, and what the brand is doing to connect with and inspire business owners everywhere.

What is Fundera, and how does it work?

We’re an adviser to small business owners that helps entrepreneurs understand their creditworthiness, educates them on the different types of credit products for which they’re eligible and empowers them to make great decisions about the type of financial products that they should be using to help responsibly grow their business.

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