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Ever wonder what GPS, the Zika vaccine and Siri all have in common? All were technologies that were initially funded by the U.S. Government before being spun out to industry. Each year Government spends $140 billion+ on research and development that creates many novel technologies that could be breakthrough new ventures.

Fed Tech is a unique accelerator that connects entrepreneurs to these technologies developed across DoD, NASA, DOE, MIT, Princeton and other laboratories. The program builds teams from scratch and then guides them through an 8 week cohort where they explore markets, build business models and learn about how government R&D can become a commercial product.  

Fed Tech is sponsored by the government so there’s no equity to participate. Entrepreneur applications are open through August 8th. The cohort will run from mid September to late November. Participants can be from anywhere but are required to visit D.C for opening and closing sessions. We also intentionally design the cohort to be completed with a “day job,” asking that you commit an average of 10 hours per week during the 8 week cohort. Our best teams have the chance to enter our Pre-Accelerator post cohort for additional resources.

Please apply on our website or email recruiting@fedtech.io for more information.