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Columbia Data Science Institute

Data Science Institute-Industry-Innovation Seminar: Peter Marx, General Electric

Peter Marx, Vice President, Advanced Projects, GE Digital Adjunct Professor, USC

TITLE: How the New Availability of Urban and Industrial Data are Impacting Our World from Public Safety to Jet Engines

This talk discusses how newly available data from cities and industry, from sensing and activities, and from transactions and services are driving change across our world. Cities are increasingly using data to drive new efficiencies and insights in the urban world. For example, policing and public safety services are ever-more data-driven and transparent with data being more widely distributed than at any point in the past. Similarly, industry is changing from being traditionally physical into becoming more digital through the distribution of data. New availability of sensing data through the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), for example, is allowing for increasing levels of predictive maintenance and qualities of service. Highly personalized healthcare is now possible because of data being made available digitally from everywhere from our worn devices to imaging of our bodies to our genetics themselves.

This discussion will draw on General Electric?s activities driving the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Predix, as well as from leading cities like Los Angeles, Singapore, and Dubai. We will touch upon technologies such as machine learning (AI) and other types of analytics, as well as computer vision (CV), connectivity (5G and private LTE), and mixed reality.