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Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio

Design Workshop: Fundamentals of User Research



One of the core tenets of human centered design is understanding the needs of others. The ability to uncover and solve unmet needs is something all successful startups do well. Additionally, this acute awareness of users has been proven to drive innovation and creativity in more traditional settings.

Join us in this introductory sprint to learn how to use design tools, including interviewing, analogous spaces, empathy probes, and more. By the end of the sprint, you will have practiced these tools to understand communities and pinpoint areas of opportunity for entrepreneurship. This workshop will be incredibly helpful for students who will use the holiday break to conduct in-depth field research for a capstone project.

This sprint is hands-on and fast paced! Come with your own idea or we will provide you with a topic to research. This event is open to all Columbia affiliates.

Wednesday, November 29th
Design Studio, 490 Riverside Drive, Room 430