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Welcome! This is a space for anyone looking to apply innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset to challenges and opportunities in coursework, personal goals, careers, or launching a venture.

Wherever you are in your journey – kicking around an idea, prototyping, launching, scaling – Columbia has the person, place, or thing that can help you take your next steps.

Know what you’re looking for? Go ahead and drill down into the resources available to students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Not sure where to begin, or keeping an open mind? Here are a few things to consider:


The Design Studio is a great place if you’re just getting started, in need of a reboot, or want to up your game. People who have gone through the Design Studio’s workshops and events have re-calibrated their schedules, re-imagined their futures, and reinvigorated their startups.

The 107 classes across schools on campus that are related to innovation and entrepreneurship are also great places to learn, meet creative problem-solvers, and gain access to mentorship.


All around campus and in NYC, there are opportunities for Columbians to put ideas and innovation into action. Think of an industry or customer market – it’s here. From the Makerspace on campus, to the Columbia Startup Lab downtown, to the New Lab in Brooklyn, Columbia opens doors to equipment and support for every project you can think of. As Columbia’s Senior Fellow for Entrepreneurship Steve Blank would urge you to do – get out of the building and test out your new ideas.


At Columbia, you are a part of a vast network that touches every industry. Take advantage of it early and often by plugging in to the networks of innovators on campus, like the Columbia Organization for Rising Entrepreneurs, the Columbia Entrepreneurs Organization, and the Columbia Venture Community. Make sure to keep track of our calendar for a comprehensive list of innovation events, and connect with us on whichever channel works best for you to get reminds, hear inspiring alumni stories, and get a feel for what’s going on in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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