Columbia E’ship Community

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We tapped into the power of Columbia’s strengths as a major interdisciplinary research university, its New York City location, its incredibly accomplished alumni base, and the brilliance and drive of Columbia’s student entrepreneurship community. Together with these organizations, we work to cultivate a multidisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship and innovation.

  1. Columbia University Entrepreneurship
  2. Entrepreneurship@Athena
  3. EdLab at Teachers College
  4. Columbia Engineering Entrepreneurship
  5. Lang Entrepreneurship Center
  6. Columbia Entrepreneurship Organization
  7. Entrepreneurship at Columbia School of General Studies
  8. Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs
  9. Brown Institute for Media Innovation
  10. Startup Law Externship Columbia Law School
  11. Columbia College Entrepreneurship Initiatives
  12. Res. Inc.
  13. Social Enterprise and Social Impact Initiatives at SIPA
  14. Startup Internship Program Center for Career Education
  15. Tamer Center for Social Enterprise
  16. Columbia Technology Ventures
  17. Spatial Information Design Lab