History Through Venturing


This course is about making history. Advanced topics in creating successful organizations. In the age of accelerating change, innovation is moving from an accidental, artisanal process to a large-scale societal machinery. Building on Venturing to Change the World’s overview, this course delves into the philosophy, economics, history, sociology, engineering, finance and management topics that animate powerful commercial and social ventures. Technology​ ​trends:​ ​Deep consideration of two major forces in technology for the next decade (synthetic biology, artificial intelligence). Management​ ​strategies​ for building and leading, as well as personal productivity and conduct. Accessing and managing financial markets and resources. Product​ ​creation:​ ​Conceptualizing and delivering innovation and products through design and engineering teams. Finance​ ​and​ ​fundraising:​ Designing the business model, understanding the economics, and the social science of the financing markets. Keywords: science, technology, innovation, management, finance, fundraising, operations research, organizational behavior, ethics, social impact, leadership, philosophy.