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Building Radar

Building Radar was born in 2013 by Lennart Graf von Hardenberg ’16 GS, Leopold Neuerburg ’13 BUS and Paul Indinger. During long hacking sessions on Columbia Campus they came up with the idea to develop a database for early stage construction projects. Thanks to their first major client Interface Inc., they were quickly able to grow the business to clients outside of America. Building Radar customers tend to be all sort of business that furnish construction projects including the world market leaders Viessmann, and Vitra. The market for construction sales leads alone totals €72B.

Building Radar is a satellite supported search engine for construction projects globally. They list all construction projects in your neighbourhood from A to Z in one database. Every day, their cloud based big data solution detects, adds and enhances thousands of new construction projects. This technology allows to detect construction projects weeks or even months earlier than competitors, as well as to verify information such as construction phase or building size via live satellite image processing.

This info is especially important for companies that sell products or services to new buildings (building materials, office furniture, cleaning, etc.). These companies need to know as early as possible, when, where and what type of building is going to be built by whom, in order to sell their products to the new construction projects.

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