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Before co-founding StashAway, when Michele Ferrario CBS ‘07 was looking for a place to invest his savings, he was fortunate enough to know what to look out for as he spent many years, early on in his career, working with banks and financial institutions at McKinsey & Co.

However, the private bankers who approached him pushed products that were either not suitable for him or had high and complicated fee structures. He knew it didn’t have to be this difficult and he should be paying less for his investments. When he went on to co-found StashAway, one of the top priorities was to 1) deliver sophisticated, institutional-level investing to all types of investors and 2) have a clear, transparent fee structure that doesn’t eat into StashAway client’s returns.

StashAway was founded in 2016 in Singapore by former ZALORA Group CEO, Michele Ferrario (CEO); former MD and Global Head of Derivatives Strategy at Nomura, Freddy Lim (CIO); and serial tech entrepreneur, Nino Ulsamer (CTO) and operates in Singapore and Malaysia for clients all over the world. StashAway has a Capital Market Services License for Retail Fund Management from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and a Capital Market Services License for Retail Fund Management from Securities Commission Malaysia.

At StashAway, investors gain access to institutional-level investing at an incredibly low cost. The fee structure is simple and transparent – it ranges from 0.2% to 0.8% p.a. depending on the value of your assets under management. There is no minimum balance required and you have full control over your deposits. There is no lock-in period and no withdrawal fees. If you’d like to try a sophisticated investment product at a low cost, you can do so by signing up for this special promotion for Columbia Business School alumni and students (