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Project77 offers cross-sector solutions to its partners through expertise in using data analytics to drive best practice.

Co-founders Chris Russell ’18BUS andEnrique Parada ’18BUS initially met at a Pre-MBA networking event.  They crossed paths again at an MBA Fellowship for minority professionals, and they bonded over their passions for education.  In particular, Chris and Enrique both felt that teachers lacked a professional community conducive to their professional development due to various constraints that teachers face.  Chris and Enrique began prototyping their idea by working with teachers, principals, and superintendents in small pilots. While testing their platform, they discovered that the problem they were trying to solve for (i.e. teacher communication/professional learning) was actually a symptom of a much larger pain point education institutions face: not having data infrastructure and the analytical know-how to inform highly impactful decisions.  Many districts are in the most nascent stages of using data to inform decision-making and much of the teacher/professional learning gap seemed to be caused by a lack of clarity of teachers/student needs. The problem lies in many ad hoc data systems that provided limited value in a vacuum, but together provide a cohesive picture to inform impactful insights. They began offering schools a new model of using best data practice when implementing master data solutions to existing school data systems to meet the unique needs of education institutions.

Project77 offers cross-sector solutions to its partners through expertise in using data analytics to drive best practice.  Project77 provides premium custom solutions. While most firms choose a templated solutions before an engagement begins, Project 77 works with clients to take into account individual context, pain points, and needs.  Project77 also amplifies human intelligence by using a human-centered approach to data to enhance the capabilities of teams and stakeholders who work with data.

Project 77’s clients span higher education, P-12 districts, charter schools, and non-profit organizations who need support in helping to make their data both actionable and efficient. Learn more about  Project77 here.