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A&B American Style

Co-founded by Brian Ballan ’04SEAS and ’13BUS, A&B American Style is the spice in his life. Ballan represents the “B”  in the company, which makes condiments from wholesome, natural ingredients. No sugar or artificial preservatives are added, so basically only food goes into your food. A&B American Style believes that they can help make Americans healthier with their nutritious ingredients. Importantly, their products are flavorful and go great with any meal. Named by Serious Eats as one of the Best Food Artisans of 2012, A&B American Style has been featured on Serious Eats, Food Republic, Tasting Table, and Edible Queens, among many others.

Before founding A&B American Style, Ballan held a variety of positions that fit together with his current venture. He worked in business development and product management at foursquare, as a line cook at Buddakan NYC, and as an internal and external management consultant advising on all manners dealing with strategic and tactical business issues. He earned an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS in Engineering Management Systems from Columbia Engineering.