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Neurologist and lifelong migraine sufferer Anjan Chatterjee MD MPH MBA ‘11BUS and ‘04MPH, along with fellow alum and direct marketer Michele Harris ‘85SOA, launched Ausanil®in March 2014.  Ausanil is a non-prescription, homeopathic nasal spray specifically formulated to provide rapid pain relief for severe headaches (tension, rebound, and cluster headaches) and migraines.

From his firsthand experience as a neurologist treating thousands of headache patients to researching new, cutting edge neuroscience treatments at Merck and Pfizer, to his own experience as a lifelong migraineur, one thing was glaringly apparent to Anjan: Millions of severe headache and migraine sufferers need more treatment options.

In the United States alone, there are more than 36 million severe headache sufferers living with frequent bouts of severe, unbearable headaches, missing work and missing out on life’s memorable moments. Of these, an estimated 12 million or more are dissatisfied with treatment options available to them. 12 million people? That’s essentially everyone in New York City and millions more! Prior to Ausanil, Anjan was one of them, having tried many different medications, prescription and non-prescription, to manage his migraine pain, with limited success.

Ausanil was developed to address the biggest challenges severe headache sufferers face all the time:

  • The need for rapid pain relief. Potentially within minutes.
  • Treatment affordability
  • Drug interactions with other medications
  • Side effects that limit use such as stomach ulcers and liver damage
  • Rapid access to treatment options, ideally without a prescription and no need for insurance

 Implementing a targeted communications plan, Anjan and his team are currently working to educate both patients and healthcare professionals nationwide about Ausanil and how it may benefit them. Ausanil users are generating enthusiastic feedback on a regular basis noting that Ausanil “truly works,” “works for me,” “worked well,” “works fast,” “is helpful,” “is fantastic,” “is a must have for migraine sufferers.” That is music to Anjan’s ears. He encourages anyone who is suffering from migraines or severe headaches such as tension, rebound/medication overuse or the ultimate cluster headaches, and their loved ones, to learn about Ausanil and to hear what other sufferers are saying about the treatment. Ausanil nasal spray retails at $28.95 plus shipping and handling (that’s less than 60 cents a dose) and is available without a prescription at