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Bitae Technologies

Founded by Gemma Torras Vives and Shanna Crumley, both ’18 SIPA, Bitae Technologies transforms non-formal learning and achievements into opportunities for refugees and other vulnerable populations. 

Bitae Technologies aims to build human capital and transferable skills for a generation of global, mobile talent. Its mission is to give everyone  access to education, work and opportunities regardless of which side of a border they see.

The Middle East and North Africa region is facing unique challenges. The “Lost Generation” is a crisis of education for Syrian refugee youth who lack access to educational and employment opportunities. Without access, an entire generation of Syrians is growing up without education, and in turn, without economic opportunities and social mobility. Currently in Jordan, the 40% of Syrian youth are unable to access formal education opportunities and the 95% are unemployed because they lack official recognition and accreditation mechanisms for their non-formal learning and achievements.

Bitae transforms learning and skills into a “Digital Backpack” for creating, storing, sharing and verifying blockchain-backed credentials, a new kind of CV.