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Bureau is an end-to-end office furniture solution set out to make the process of furnishing an office easy, affordable and flexible.

Historically businesses have had little choice but to source their office furniture through middlemen, typically in the form of furniture dealers. These middlemen realize enormous margins, largely because they have negotiated a geographical monopoly with a furniture manufacturer. Alternatively, inexpensive office furniture can be sourced through Amazon, Ikea, Staples, and the like, but these are low quality solutions with short lifespans.

Bureau’s office furniture solution is three pronged:

  • Make it Affordable: By bypassing middlemen involved in the traditional office furniture procurement process, a typical client will save upwards of 50% on their Bureau purchase vs. the traditional competition without sacrificing quality.  For perspective, it costs the same to furnish an employee with Bureau’s electric standing desk, ergonomic chair, and filing cabinet as it does to buy just the chair from Herman Miller or Knoll.
  • Make it Easy: Bureau takes a streamlined approach to procuring office furniture: simple choices, transparent pricing, easy ordering, and fast and free delivery and assembly.
  • Make it Flexible: For better or worse, companies’ headcount requirements are constantly changing. We’ve made it easy to scale their furniture footprints up and down with little notice. When client’s are done with their furniture, Bureau will dispose of it for free – and in most cases, clients will receive credit back toward their next Bureau purchase.