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Working as a product manager on Chatter, Theodore Summe ‘06SEAS realized that Enterprise Social Network tools had only scratched the surface. Tools focused only on the people and relationships within a company, but Theodore questioned, what about people and relationships outside the company?  He left Salesforce with their investment to start Discoverly, a trusted way for coworkers to share their social connections and help each other out.

Discoverly has raised $750K in initial funding, built a team of five members, and launched their private beta.  They now have over 30 companies on Discoverly, including Uber, Dropbox and Hearsay Social, and are welcoming new companies to join the private beta.

During his junior year, Theodore realized that he wanted to be an enterprise software entrepreneur and that the best way to prepare for this role was to first become a product manager.  Unfortunately, not many tech companies were interviewing on campus for PM jobs at the time, so he decided to pursue work in tech investment banking and then lateral into a tech company.  He started in Salesforce’s M&A team and then transitioned to the founding Chatter PM team.