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Dream Space

Dream Space co-founder Anastasia Alt ’10CC has passion for careers that began at Columbia while producing the college’s largest undergraduate business conference and developed through her training as a Co-Active Coach®. She first saw the need for independent career guidance while navigating her transition from options trading to management consulting and later recognized how access to a dedicated expert was her “secret weapon” for accomplishing big goals at work.

Dream Space has a simple mission but a big ambition: Help more people maintain successful, fulfilling careers. Dream Space does this by providing a platform that connects each client to a dedicated professional for personal career advice using the client’s smartphone and preferred messaging app. The result is high-impact, accessible career counseling for an increasingly mobile workforce and streamlined business development for the growing number of independent, professional experts.

Together with Lauren Wolfson, Dream Space’s Head of Growth, Alt is building the company brand with the highest standards in customer experience. Want to be a part of it? Join us as a client when we launch our closed beta in February 2017 or apply to be a part of our curated community of experts. Visit to sign up or send an email to