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FarmersWeb was formed in January 2011 by Jennifer Goggin ’06CC to fill the gap between wholesale buyers and local farmers and food producers. The idea was conceived with the belief that both buyers and sellers could benefit from finding and doing business with each other directly, rather than going through a distributor. As a result, wholesale buyers are able to purchase fresh, local, and high-quality products from vetted sellers who are transparent about where their food comes from and how it is grown, while the farms/food producers net a higher profit.

FarmersWeb has been operating in the New York tri-state area since June 2012. The company works with a variety of wholesale buyers, including restaurants, institutional kitchens, private schools and universities, caterers and retail stores. Many buyers join the network every month to begin sourcing their ingredients locally. On the site, consumers will find a full range of locally grown and produced items – from seasonal fruits and vegetables to dairy products and game birds. FarmersWeb has helped many smaller farms successfully reach the New York market for the first time, growing their sales significantly.

Co-Founder Ms. Goggin began her career in finance before switching gears to the food industry. Before starting FarmersWeb, Goggin worked for a local food distributor in NYC which provided insight to the specific needs of wholesale buyers and the operational challenges of buying from local, family farms. She currently sits on the board of the local chapter of Slow Food which works to provide good, clean, and fair food for all.