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Global Data Machine

Global Data Machine was cofounded in 2013 by Lennart Graf von Hardenberg ’16 GS, Leopold Neuerburg ’13BUS and Paul Indinger. During long hacking sessions on Columbia Campus they came up with the idea to develop a database for early stage construction projects. Thanks to their first major client Interface Inc., they were quickly able to grow the business to clients outside of America.

The Global Data Machine is an intuitive to use online database that accurately reports on over 2.000 new construction projects every month around the globe of the top 500 world leading architect firms. Further, GDM offers detailed information on the top 500 world leading architecture firms. The co-founders aim is to generate new sales leads for businesses, which furnish construction projects.

GDM allows its customers to generate new construction sales leads by browsing thousands of early-stage construction projects according to location, architect, volume and more. In contrast to competitors, most of their data research is conducted by smart algorithms rather than human labour. All data solutions of GDM meet the highest industry quality standards and are permanently checked by an international group of research specialists.

Find out more about the Global Data Machine online at GDM-Global