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Goaloop® is a one-stop solution for goal achievement, uniting funding, collaborators, social media and tools around your goal. State your goal, and resources and people appear to help you reach it. Goaloop has been called “search inverted,” it brings the web to you. If your goal is to learn the piano, you’ll see goals to teach the piano. Goaloop matches goals at the speed of search with increasing precision, making it easy to help others as you help yourself. Achieve, support and motivate others through financial and other incentives. Find goals seeking mentors or mentees to share or learn skills, or adapt them into new industries. Goaloop is patent pending.

Goaloop connects the world through goals®. Set goals as an individual, a group, team, business, non-profit, city — you name it! Goaloop uses the goal to transcend social, business, and ideological boundaries, to unite us and focus on getting things done, expanding social circles and increasing commercial opportunities.

Goaloop was built based on the belief that together, we can achieve anything, but we’ve so far lacked a way to connect with one another to fulfill our individual and collective potential. Goaloop’s goal network™ fills this void.

Following the financial downturn of 2008, Goaloop grew from Lori Terrizzi’s ’97 GSOA conclusion that the goal is the common denominator of all productivity, whether stated as a business objective at for-profit firms or a mission statement at non-profit organizations. The goal market® was conceived as a new unifying marketplace for the 21st century. Over the course of eighteen months, as if writing a book, she used images and code to ‘write’ this website. She knew she’d eventually need to find an expert engineer to take the demo she was creating to build a fully functioning, scalable site. She formed an interdisciplinary team with friends, and recruited from her alma mater.

Goaloop’s team includes CEO/Founder + Site Architect Lori Terrizzi, CTO Kaushal Kumar, ’08 M.S. SEAS, Chief Information Officer Dr. Shlomo Hershkop, ’06 Ph.D. SEAS; Founding members Kelly Whiteside, ’91 GSJ, SSW Professor Ellen Lukens, ’93 Ph.D., Nishant Shah, ’10 SIPA; Paul Nikolaidis, ’11 SSW, Autumn Lujia Chen, ’13 SEAS, Ban Wang, ’13 SEAS; Advisory Board members Janet Hanson, ’77 CBS, Founder/Former CEO of 85 Broads, Srikumar Rao, Ph.D. ’80 CBS, Kate Fitta, ’99 CBS, Global Head of Business Planning & Technology for Barclays’ Investment Banking Division, and Sankha Dey, ’10 M.S. SEAS; Lawyers Ronald A. Fleming, Esq. (’91 CLS), and Charles R. Macedo, Esq. (’89 CLS).

Goaloop® launches soon with a team of 15 members connected to Columbia University. We welcome everyone to join us for public launch at