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Scott Lee ’14SEAS started Gooroo so that more families could have access to high quality tutors at affordable prices. The company soon grew to 1,000 New York City tutors in its network and facilitating more than 3,500 tutoring sessions.

Gooroo is an app available on Android, iOS and the web, that allows students to instantly find and book sessions with tutors. Users are able to search by criteria such as subject, location, availability, and tutor rating, and then meet their tutor for an in-person session. All tutors are background-checked and personally vetted by Gooroo (and a large percentage have attended Columbia!).

In addition to being the easiest way to find a tutor, Gooroo offers competitive pricing – they are able to do this by taking less commission from tutors than the industry standard. As for the tutors, Gooroo embraces the “gig economy” by enabling college students or others with flexible schedules to put their knowledge to use and earn income.

Gooroo’s has a strong dedication to education technology that extends even beyond its tutoring services. The company has partnered with the Department of Education to instruct middle school students in the Bronx and with senior centers to teach a range of classes. For each tutoring session, Gooroo donates a book to children in Africa as another way to give back.

Want to learn more, give feedback, or get involved? Reach out on the Gooroo site!