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Jetsetter Chic

Jetsetter Chic is a travel lifestyle brand for female jetsetters that puts them at the forefront of airline travel! We keep her travel-ready for her on-the-go lifestyle in between trips.

Jetsetter Chic launched online Nov 5th offering her two subscription box options: The Travel Cosmopolitan and The Travel Connoisseur box. Both boxes include products that we have deemed “Jetsetter Proof” and TSA compliant. We connect with chic jetsetters around the world by shipping globally!

Our Travel Cosmopolitan box is a recurring monthly box that includes a 30 day supply of skincare and health products for travel. Our Limited Edition Travel Connoisseur box is a quarterly box that includes travel technology gear, smart snacks, safety items, chic travel accessories, must-have skincare necessities, health products, and exclusive VIP codes for services that make travel chic and easy. Both boxes include an insert that highlights brands in the box.

Our chic jetsetters are 28 years old and up. They come from all ethnic backgrounds and their median income is $100,000 annually. She is college educated. She is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, flight attendant, or pleasure traveler. She travels extensively. She may fly first class, business class, economy comfort, or private charter.

Women are the future of airline travel and are becoming the new face of business travel. Our boxes are curated to save them time from shopping, give them access to premium TSA Compliant products, and keep them up to date on travel trends. There was also a void that needed to be fulfilled in the marketplace and our brand will help fulfill that void by
connecting travel products to females who make over 80% of
the travel decisions with $15 trillion in spending power.

Founded by Columbia J-School alum, Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson during her last semester of classes the vision was finally brought to life February 2018 where she invested her own self-capital of $10,000. After traveling to over 24 countries and working in the airline industry, Johnson saw a need and provided a solution.

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