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Jibon Health Technologies was founded by Mikail Kamal ’12SEAS and a group of recent college graduates with roots in Columbia University’s Biomedical Engineering program. The program drove students to solve global health problems with creative engineering. Jibon has seen recent critical acclaim in their efforts to bring an end to Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) throughout the developing world.  Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) is the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide, claiming the lives of over 1.4 million women each year. Perhaps more alarmingly, is over 99% of death occurs in the developing world.

To decrease PPH mortality, Jibon focuses on Tampostat, a low-cost emergency obstetric device designed for use by midwives and traditional birth attendants. Tampostat brings first-world technology to the developing world through the simplification of existing medical technologies for hemorrhage reduction. Their solution combines readily available materials in a cost-effective and ready-to-use package, giving each mother a higher chance of survival.

In its first year, Jibon received awards and honors from institutions such as Columbia University (BME Capstone Award 2012, Columbia Engineering’s Entrepreneurship Fast Pitch Competition 2012, Columbia Engineering Venture Competition 2013), The North American Professional Entrepreneurship Council (NAPEC Innovation Challenge 2012), NYC EDC (ELabNYC 2013) and Microsoft (Innovate for Good), as well as international press in publications throughout Canada, Bangladesh, Australia, and the United States.

With recent additions to the engineering team, Jibon is currently finalizing product development on Tampostat in preparation for upcoming clinical trials at two of the largest medical hospitals in Bangladesh under the close supervision of advisor Dr. Fatema Ashraf (Medical Director, Hon., Bangladesh).

The Jibon Health team consists of recent college graduates with unique backgrounds in biomedical engineering research, public health fieldwork, product development, and marketing. A board of expert advisors is helping to navigate the professional landscape and have established connections for business development both in the United States and abroad in countries most in need of this life-saving technology. With upcoming business development trips to Taiwan and Bangladesh, Jibon is excited to be working toward realizing its goal of affordable and simple healthcare solutions for all.

Mikail Kamal, a native of Bangladesh who grew up in New York City, graduated from Columbia with a dual degree in Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering. His extensive clinical and research experience along with his various internships have allowed him to establish valuable connections in both industry and in medicine. His research interests include cardiology, maternal health and developing sustainable technology for developing nations.

Jibon Team
Jibon Team