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Jason Lau ’17SEAS, interested in entrepreneurship, was brainstorming startup ideas based on his skill sets and passions when he soon found another startup enthusiast in a fellow classmate in the Master’s Operations Research program, Alexander Jiamin Chen ’17SEAS. Chatting about their mutual interests in technology and fashion, they soon founded KALO.

KALO is a social media platform for users to get feedback on their own outfits, comment on others, check out friends’ styles, and keep up with friends’ recent purchases. Partnering with brands, designers, and private consultants, the platform helps users be confident in the outfit that fits them as individuals, outside of the realm of professional advertisements.

The duo coded a functional mobile application, collected user feedback, and are now working on a new and improved version of their platform. KALO is fundraising to fuel this next stage of development and will launch its product in the next few months. The company is also looking to hire for a Digital Marketing position and additional Software Developers. If anyone in the community is interested or has any referrals, please let me know!