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Kaptur, a website and mobile application, algorithmically finds everyone’s photos from any event. Tejpaul Bhatia ‘00SEAS founded Kaptur after his wedding in 2009 as a way for him and his wife to discover the 4000+ photos taken by guests.  Kaptur’s patent-pending technology operates on the principle that all digital photos leave a “metadata footprint” that can then be discovered, triangulated, and normalized to accurately find all guests of an event and all their photos without anyone needing to do anything.

Kaptur quickly grew to 1.5 million registered users, generating more than 30 million monthly visits, and over 250 million organic social media posts.  In January 2013, Kaptur was acquired by AHAlife, a luxury e-commerce marketplace and continues to operate under the combined entity.

Prior to founding Kaptur, Tej was senior manager of international business strategy for ESPN, where he conceptualized and launched ESPN3, the company’s customizable global broadband video service currently available in over 70 million homes worldwide. He also co-founded Media Strategy Partners, a media asset management consulting company that continues to serve broadcasters worldwide. Tej began his career as a digital media consultant at Scient and then at Sekani. Tej holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Columbia University. He is a board member for the New Leadership Council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and also volunteers internationally with GlobeAware.

Founders: Tejpaul Bhatia ‘00SEAS and Vikash Mishra

Columbia Co-founders: Da Quan Rong ‘09SEAS