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Keenan Overseas Investors

Ian Keenan ’06BUS founded Keenan Overseas Investors as an alternative management firm specializing in the international liquid credit and fixed income markets. The firm offers a wide range of investment management products and services to meet the needs of investors who are seeking consistent returns with a focus on capital preservation. Keenan Overseas Investors was built specifically for those looking to partner directly with an Investment Manager who will focus on the fixed income portion of their portfolio.  The firm also provides discretionary investment management and advisory services to private clients.

While the Fund might look similar to other funds offered in the market, they are actually significantly different because they take into account the key risks that exist in fixed income markets today for investors.  The fund is actively looking for investors that are patient and willing to except moderate risk across all of these key categories for one of the best risk-adjusted returns available in the market today.

To learn more about Keenan Overseas Investors visit their Website, read the introductory presentation or sign up for their monthly newsletter.