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Locasaur is anyone who wants to eat, shop, and live locally! The Locasaur platform is a combination mobile/web platform for local independent businesses to share content with their local community and send notifications directly to their regular customers.

The idea for Locasaur born from founder Simon Schwartz’s ’17CC passion for celebrating and preserving local communities, like the one in which he grew up down in rural Virginia, and the belief that the presence of successful, vibrant, community-defining local businesses is the first line of defense against urban sprawl and poor development.

Over the past year, the idea has been subsequently brought to life with the help of a rotating cast of Simon’s friends from CORE – Columbia University’s student entrepreneurship organization. Currently, Locasaur’s two beta tests are ongoing in NYC’s Greenwich Village (urban) and Virginia’s Piedmont region (rural). Plans for the summer include continuing to build out features with input from local businesses on our platform, and expanding user growth in our two local communities the the surrounding areas.

For Locasaurs in NYC and VA, find us on the App Store and Google Play! Business owners interested in being a Beta Tester for Locasaur? Find out more on Questions, comments or ideas? Reach out to the team anytime at