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Longneck & Thunderfoot

Gone are the days when search engine optimization governed who saw what – now, Google is increasingly seeking to emphasize good content production over good keyword strategies. Cooper Pickett `10CC saw the potential in this shift, and wanted to start a company that helped brands keep up with the demand for thoughtful and high-quality content. Teaming up with social marketing superstar Jonathan Allen, he founded a digital publication service — Longneck and Thunderfoot.

L&T boasts a talented team of writers and editors whose mission is to create fantastic content for a vast range of brands. Now, they’re working to expand both the range of their clients and expertise as well as the various content mediums and platforms through which they publish content for their clients. L&T approaches content on an extremely individualized, one-on-one basis, working with clients to establish a unique and engaging online voice.

Check out their website and their blog to learn more about L&T’s content creation expertise.