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Meal Idea

Are you looking for the best way to use your groceries, or do you just need a little cooking inspiration? Download Meal Idea, a free app, and start searching today. Meal Idea, which re-launched July 2013, is the search engine for recipes. The newest version of Meal Idea takes a sophisticated approach to recipe search. The app was re-engineered to help users make the most of the ingredients they already have in their kitchens.  Hungry users can filter recipes from the Internet’s top recipe sites based on what’s in your fridge, or by cuisine, dietary restriction, ingredient, and more.

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So what makes this app different from all the rest? Unlike its competitors, Meal Idea gives home chefs more control over the results of their searches and empowers the user to make choices that other search engines assume users want.

The app is different in another way too. If Epicurious and Food 52 are the cookbooks, Meal Idea is the index. Like the Joy of Cooking, or the Silver Spoon, Meal Idea helps users navigate a million possible recipes, and find the exact right one. And the app is social. Once a perfect recipe is found and the meal prepared, users can leave comments and feedback, and share recipes with friends in Meal Idea’s newsfeed.

William Falcon, a student at Columbia University, founded Meal Idea in 2011 when he could not find a decent app to help him find inspiration in the kitchen. The first version was available in 2012. During the summer of 2013, under the guidance of the Columbia Entrepreneurship Lab, the application underwent a significant revamp and launched its new version. Michael Ben-Ami and Sam Frank, both students at Columbia University, joined the team in the summer of 2013.

To learn more about the team and Meal Idea, visit Meal idea is available completely free on the Apple app store at