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On Pepper

On Pepper, founded by Pulak Sinha ’04BUS, was formed as a reaction to the 2008 crisis and a fundamental belief that data is a key driver of mitigating risks in any system. On Pepper was created as a platform that will take most trivial of data at any asset manager  and manage it all on a single platform.

The company founders had previously worked together when their team was launching a new multi-billion dollar alternative asset fund. They struggled to find any infrastructure technology solution in the market to manage their business, and built tactical systems to manage immediate tasks. The fund grew exponentially in a short period of time and they had to live through the pains of using hundreds of Excel spreadsheets, among other similar time consuming and inefficient third-party solutions, to manage the complex demands of the fund.

After their fund was acquired by one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world, the founders left the company to launch Pepper.

On Pepper was developed over 4 years of intense R&D, and launched in Q1 2015. The platform manages the business and data for leading large Alternative Asset Managers. The system is live and and is being adopted by leading Asset managers. Please join the conversation at Linkedin and join the Asset data revolution  at If you want a free trial to the platform please write to us at