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Mansur Ziganshin ‘13GS and Yingbo Song ’12SEAS, GSAS launched Pochmak online platform with a simple mission: to connect every business with industry experts so that they can make best business decisions possible.

Ziganshin and Son started from the assumption that every person throughout his or her life accumulates professional knowledge and expertise in certain areas. However, many do not fully utilize that knowledge in the real world and many do not utilize it at all. So, they created an online platform, Pochmak, to give experts the opportunity to share their knowledge with top companies – and get paid for doing it.

All consultations are done through Pochmak’s web phone service, so experts do not need to travel and physically meet with businesses. Experts can register at, consult on a part-time basis, and get paid for every hour of consultation. As a business, you can register at, start a project, find a consultant, and schedule a call/consultation in matter of minutes. Most of business customers are top consulting firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms.

If you are an expert who wants to share professional knowledge or a business looking for an answer to the most critical questions that your organization or your project is facing, go to, register, and try the service!