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Recipe Aisle

In 2016 Columbia graduate Vikaas Sharma (CC 2010) and UVa graduate Ashton Erler (CLAS 2010) met and discovered a shared passion for education and nutrition that addresses public health issues on a global scale. This created the seed for Recipe Aisle – a global nutritional discovery and data platform with the goal of unearthing the valuable health benefits of traditional cuisines from around the globe.

Recipe Aisle algorithmically finds, collates, categorizes and enriches the wealth of recipes from around the web and globe with macro and micro nutrient information. This plaform helps individuals use food to manage health issues (such as diabetes) or maximize their full potential through better nutrition.

Recipe aisle provides useful information for:

* Health care professionals

* Humanitarian groups

* Targeting for Advertising Technology

* Global Recipes for IOT Devices and the Connected Kitchen

Recipe Aisle is also pioneering a series of articles – working with journalists and publishers – that explores the globalization of the international food chain and how that’s impacting peoples health and wellbeing.

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