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Here’s a scenario: you wake up in the morning, confront your closet, and despite having what seems like an endless amount of clothes to choose from, you somehow feel like you have nothing to wear. So, you end up reaching for your go-to outfit. Sound familiar?
Getting dressed should be an effortless endeavor without compromising style. While a student at Columbia, Alia Hassan ’17BUS sought to understand what makes a woman’s go-to piece of clothing such a crucial part of her wardrobe. Using those insights, she founded SAYDA: an online clothing brand that designs, makes, and sells the perfect dress.
SAYDA dresses come in the form of a “shift” dress, which is a short dress that hangs loose from the shoulders and skims the curves rather than clinging to them, making it flattering to many body types. Depending on the fabric, color, pattern, and a woman’s personal style, it can be worn to brunch with friends, a client presentation, or a cocktail party. So, it’s versatile both in terms of who can wear it, and where it can be worn. Perfect for effortlessly stylish women on the go.