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Keith Gonzales PhD is launching as a cloud-based solution for scientists to store, share, and analyze data in a centralized location.  The platform provides an easy to use collaboration tool built on top of unlimited, secure file storage, with data analytics tools that cut days out of genomics research.

From automating data analysis in seconds as opposed to hours, to safe, unlimited file storage, helps scientists spend more time being a scientist and less time being a computer scientist. Check it out at and get a free RNA-seq analysis for up to 10 samples!  Stirplate is in beta right now and is open for researchers here in New York. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Gonzales via email if you have any custom requests, he informs us that they can, “build custom pipelines for any NGS analysis using linux based tools.”

Dr. Gonzales, who once saw a lab tech lose an entire year of research data because of a USB hard drive failing, developed as an answer to the years of frustration, wasted money and time that scientist tend to experience in the lab.  “For example, my first analysis tool automates 16 hours of my work” said Gonzales, “and cuts it down to about three minutes”